Certified Organic Wine


Rose Wine "THAIS"

With its impressive, intense bright ruby color ELAGRIS rose wine “THAIS” unleashes its fruity aromas and gentle acidity in a balanced rich flavor and taste. Produced at the foot of Mount Vertiskos in northern Greece by certified organic farming this delicate wine will thrill your senses by harmoniously combining a complex blend of scents and characteristics



“BISALTIQUE” Organic White Wine is a delicately flavored white wine produced by organic vineyard farming at the foot of Mount Vertiskos in northern Greece. It is best served at 12-14C, inspiring life and good spirit with its long lasting aftertaste.


White Wine "AMBELOE"

“AMBELOE” by ELAGRIS is a white wine produced also in the mild climate of northern Greece. Based on Chardonnay variety, this wine unfolds its grace and balanced character through full bodied aromatic sips. Its bright color and intense scent will seduce wine lovers and remind them of top quality aftertaste and delights.



According to ancient Greek Mythology, Eriphile, was the holder of the necklace of harmony. This wine is dedicated to her because of the harmony of flavors and aroma



ELAGRIS organic red wine “Teardrop of Joy” , produced by merlot and cabernet in a perfectly balanced aromatic synthesis will amaze you with its deep ruby red color, rich full bodied flavor and slight oak scent attributed to its ageing.

Certified Organic Vinegar


White wine Vinegar with Thyme

Certified organic Thyme infused in organic Roditis wine vinegar. Ripe grapes are vinified to release their rich aroma bouquet in order to produce this white wine vinegar of high acidity. The result is a product that boosts the flavor and the simplest dish.


White wine Vinegar

Vivid with high acidity and rich aroma ELAGRIS white wine Vinegar is the final product of hand- picked organic ripe wine grapes through a careful transformation process. Its fruity tang drizzled over salads or added to sauces and stews will amaze your taste.


Grape Syrup

Grape syrup is a 100% natural sweetener without other additives produced by the condensation of the must from grapes. It combines the color and aroma of grown Agiorgitiko grapes with the sweet taste of honey!


Red wine Vinegar Sweet

Organic red wine vinegar and traditional Greek grape syrup locally called as “petimezi”, are ideally combined into this unique gourmet product, perfect on salads, dressings, meat marinades and sea food. ELAGRIS sweet red wine vinegar will definitely amaze your taste as well as your guests!


Red wine Vinegar Spicy

This organic Spicy red wine Vinegar is produced by ripe, healthy, organic grapes of the famous Greek wine variety "Agiorgitiko". During the vinification, temperature is systematically measured and no sulfites or other additives are used at any point.


Red wine Vinegar

Carrying the aromas of fruit, with a distinct red ruby color and an amusing taste, it's more than just a red wine vinegar but rather a transformation of organic Greek fine wine into the top quality ELAGRIS red wine Vinegar, full of anti-ageing antioxidants-cholesterol, sodium and fat free.


Balsamic aged Vinegar

Aged in French oak barrels for three years ELAGRIS balsamic Vinegar with its complex aromas, rich body and intense aftertaste is ideal for green salads with nuts and dried fruit , game and a variety of marinades.