Certified Organic Olive Oil


Extra virgin Olive oil

Since extra virgin olive oil is simply pressed fruit juice without additives, the factors influencing its quality and taste include the varieties of olives used, the terroir and the production method and the procedures. Greek olive oil is famous for its terroir. You may check the Organic olive groves in Crete.


Extra virgin Raw Green Olive oil

This type of Extra virgin olive oil, is even richer in Omega 3, 6 & 9, fatty acids and other antioxidants. It is also richer in vitamins C & E, and has a higher nutrition value. You may check the following map and view the location of the olive groves from where these unripe olives are collected.


Extra virgin Olive oil Thyme infused

Combining artful taste and science- as well as the splendid flavor and nutritional value of both organic premium dried thyme and olive oil - results in a fine savory blend of the highest quality.


Extra virgin Olive oil Oregano infused

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor of dried organic oregano makes it the perfect addition to our top quality organic extra virgin olive oil.


Extra virgin Olive oil Pepper infused

The balanced, spicy flavor of top quality red pepper infused to organic extra virgin olive oil offers an exquisite mixture of intense aromas.


Extra virgin Olive oil Rosemary infused

One of the best combinations of flavors, adding the brilliant taste of dried organic spicy and delicious rosemary to the full delicate organic extra virgin olive oil.


Extra virgin Olive oil Lemon infused

Full of its bright, tangy flavor, lemon infused olive oil surprises the senses with its exquisite aroma.


Extra virgin Olive oil Garlic infused

Famous for both its culinary and medicinal advantageous properties the unique use of organic garlic as infused in extra virgin olive oil promotes Mediterranean taste and health to a most highly ranked degree.

Certified Organic Olive tapenade


Black olives Tapenade Spicy

ELAGRIS olive tapenade zesty is based on a homemade recipe and the highest quality organic products. Garlic, hot peppers, various herbs and red wine vinegar give our olive tapenade a zesty, rounded flavor. It can be served as a starter or dip with crispy bread. It goes well with salad, gives pasta a cunning flavor and can also be used as zesty pizza topping.


Black olives Tapenade with Orange

This special product performs an ideal innovative combination of the rich olive flavor and the sweet-bitter flavor of an orange boosting the warm aroma of spices to an intriguing culinary dimension. Our organic confito might be added to cheese, zesty rice dishes, or as a side dish with game and poultry, and refine sweet and sour dishes as well as crèpes, pan cakes and fillings.


Green olives Tapenade

ELAGRIS Green olive tapenade is great as an appetizer on toasted bread or as a dip, but also a versatile ingredient in its own right. Based on the very best organic ingredients and a thoroughly attended procedure it consists of green olive oils, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and several spices. A new flavor including Feta cheese will be also available soon.


Black olives Tapenade

Delicious on its own with bread or toast, but also a versatile ingredient to add an olivey bite to all sorts of other dishes, ELAGRIS black olive tapenade- consisting of organic black olives, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and several spices– is the perfect and healthiest way to perk up dressings, marinades, sandwiches or pasta. A new flavor with Feta cheese will be also available soon.

Certified Organic Olives


Kalamata olives unpitted

Kalamata olives, took its name from the homonymous olive producing city in Peloponnese, South Greece. It is one of the best and most popular PDO olives. Black colored, with firm flesh and bright color, preserve these features to consumption.


Kalamata olives pitted

Same recipe and production stages with their unpitted relatives, our black pitted Kalamata olives follow the exact procedure for all of our organic olive’s products.


Amfissa Green olives Unpitted

Unique Amfissa type olives, took it's name from the location it grows. Amfissa is an ancient location in Greece, and growing olives was one of the oldest Greek traditions ever since.


Amfissa Green olives pitted

ELAGRIS Amfissa pitted green olives with their elegant fresh flavor, form a high quality organic product due to an overall meticulous processing of PDO olives.