Certified Organic Honey


Thyme Honey

It is the finest honey of the Greek nature. Every drop of it encloses a strong, lasting flavor with intense aromatic characteristics and a light amber color.


Pine tree Honey

Pine is the most important bee plant in Greece and the honey it produces is characterized by a distinctive aroma and a special, not very sweet flavor. This type of honey is very rare, because it is produced only in the Southeastern Mediterranean.


Heather Honey

Heather Honey is a product of great nutritional value and that is why it is ideal for perfect health. It has the distinctive full flavor of a bitter candy and it encloses all the intense earthly scents of the heather flowers.


Forest Honey

The harmonic collaboration of the bees and the forest offer this unique type of honey. It is collected from a great range of wild flowers and mountain herbs and from honey dews of different forest trees such us pines, firs and oaks. It has dark color, light aroma and a smooth, a little sweet flavor.


Flower Honey

In the blooming slopes and the plains of the Greek countryside, bees fly off and get the nectar of the various wild flowers and herbs, many of which are unique in the world.


Fir tree Honey

The Greek Fir Honey (PGI) is one of the rarest products all over the world. Its impressive pearl-amber color, the characteristic metallic highlights it’s extremely thick texture and -of course- it’s taste, make it very special.


Chestnut Honey

This type of honey is collected from the nectar and the honey dews of the Chestnut (Castanea sativa) also known as “Queen of the mountain”, in the virgin forests of Northern Greece at an altitude of over 800m from early June until July.


Arbutus Honey

Arbutus Honey is collected from the nectar dews of the spring Arbutus (Arbutus Unedo) and its great nutritional value (similar to that of the Heather Honey) make it extremely suitable for the stimulation of our body.

Certified Organic Marmalade


Wild Fig Marmalade

Fig marmalade is based on one of the rarest organic fruits. Since decades ago, figs have ceased to be an object of mass cultivation. Scarce and delicious, figs are now cultivated by minimum producer groups in small local communities.


Plum Marmalade

Elagris® organic plum marmalade offers a delicious, sweet and sour perspective, based on raw fruits of organic cultivation of natural seeded aged trees from genuine local variety.


Peach Marmalade

Organic peach marmalade by Elagris® stands out for its perfect aroma and rich, colorful texture of the best quality fruits, which in combination with our genuine organic honey gives an exceptional flavor to our marmalades.


Orange Marmalade

Our organic orange marmalade consists of carefully selected ripe certified organic oranges from Greek Argolis land, composted, and afterwards mixed with organic raw sugar and vanilla flavor.


Lemon Marmalade

Our organic Lemon marmalade is produced from selected varieties of ripe certified organic lemons directly from Greek Argolis land, composted, and mixed with organic raw sugar


Cherry Marmalade

Elagris® organic cherry marmalade with its dark red color and aromatic sweetness is based on the very best carefully selected and organic certified ripe cherries from mount Voras in Northern Greek land.


Apricot Marmalade

Certified organic apricot marmalade in its rich flavor and color combines the sweet aroma and nutrient ingredients of juicy fresh organic apricots grown in the mild Greek climate.