Certified Organic Tomato


Tomato pulp with Olives & Caper

Tomatoes, Kalamata olives, caper, onion, extra virgin olive oil and honey, all organic. This is the essence of Mediterranean nutrient culture in a jar. For anyone have ever tried the Cretan "Dakos", this product is the absolute combination suggestion. For those who were not lucky enough to taste it with dakos, just try this amazing tomato pulp with nachos as a snack and you will be surprised.


Spicy Tomato pulp

Tomatoes are used extensively in Mediterranean cuisine. Commonly used in pasta sauces. ElagrisĀ® natural tomato pulp is rich in lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants but also contain a mixture of local Organic spices. Mediterranean cuisine and nutrition is based on this plain 100% organic farming product.


Tomato pulp with Carrot & Celery

Produced by carefully selected , hand-picked ripe aromatic heirloom seed tomatoes grown in central Greece and pasteurized in the traditional way within its glass jar with lid closed (strained without boiling) this product , full of anti-ageing lycopene, promotes itself by its unique Mediterranean taste and top quality freshness in all sorts of dishes.


Tomato pulp with Basil

This tomato-basil combination pulp is key ingredient for most Mediterranean pasta dishes, but also suits in some creamy tomato soups. Despite the strong taste and aroma of basil, this tomato sauce keeps the balance of taste and flavor in your dish. 100% certified organic, without preservatives, this product is absolutely similar to what you would have produce from your own garden tomatoes.


Traditional Tomato pulp

Pasteurized in a traditional way using old time methods which have no influence in the nutrition facts. Rich in lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. Mediterranean cuisine and nutrition is based on this plain 100% organic tomato pulp.


Sun dried Tomato

Carefully selected ripe tomatoes are picked by hand one by one to take only the mature red and for sure the taste and aroma of fresh tomatoes.

Certified Organic Pepper


Sweet Red Pepper pulp with Aubergine

Both sweet red pepper and aubergine constitute major components of the award winning Mediterranean diet. Over the centuries, the local cuisine has experimented with these vegetables, and is now able to propose their most outstanding combinations.


Sweet Red Pepper pulp

Carefully selected, certified Organic 100% roasted grilled peppers, hand-stripped to keep the natural scents of pepper, ground with extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar all Organic. A 260gr jar containing approximately 1.5 kg fresh peppers at 3 hours cooking for concentration.


Spicy Red Pepper chilli mixture

This Spicy pulp is consisted mostly by chili peppers and several spices. This traditional handmade organic product is pasteurized without any preservatives. It can be served as a sauce on green fresh salads, pizzas, pasta, and meat dishes.


Sweet Red Pepper grilled

These traditional organic roasted grilled peppers include extra virgin olive oil, salt and wine vinegar. Hand-stripped to keep the natural scents of pepper, and naturally pasteurized without any use of preservatives. Served hot or cold and can be used in pies, pasta sauces, salads, omelets and toast.

Certified Organic Aubergine


Aubergine & Tomato pulp

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh garden-grown vegetables and this Aubergine and Tomato pulp can be part of your cooking with this ElagrisĀ® traditional 100% organic product.


Aubergine salad pulp

Roasted aubergines dressed in wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and garlic, all 100% organic. Enjoy it on roasted bread or just as a salad, creates an excellent combination with seafood and legumes.