Our final products are exported to the international food market, through local affiliates, wholesalers and distribution centers

- We carefully select the producers
- We confirm the quality of organic farming
- We deal with the certificates
- We implement our specific methodology
- We ensure products volumes and quantities
- We deal and provide distribution networks
- We process the Branding of the products
- We organize promotion policy

Products are almost exclusively promoted in ...

... high-quality restaurants, hotels, and special retail stores such as Delicatessen and Organic Food stores

We currently hold a wide
range of services to satisfy our customers needs:

  • Department of marketing and promotion
  • Exports & Logistics department
  • Permanent business directors & associates in the supplying countries
  • Audits and certification department
  • Supplying management directors
  • Food Technology and Chemical analysis associates

What we do

We consider to be one of the most reliable organic food & beverage vendors for Greek and Mediterranean quality products. As international traders and food exporters we strictly implement our policy and method. Our aim is to find and secure only the best certified Organic products of the Mediterranean land. Therefore, we travel many times each year along several destinations in countryside, in land and insular areas of all possible sites.

Our Method

We avoid cooperation with large food production units. Mass production usually has a de facto tendency to trade food products of low nutritional value, focusing on reducing the costs and consequently lowering the products quality. We do not forget of course that organic products are produced away from pesticides and improvements, and therefore it is only natural that they are not amenable to mass production.

Our Brand

Elagris brand reflects the quality Mediterranean diet. Our name comes from the “El” which is the prefix for the word Hellas = Greece which is the main source country of our products. The second “Agris” component means field, and always reminds us that our company is focused on the main organic cultivation areas, and not in the mass production food industry.