We created an excellent
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which are specifically used in stylish packages as gifts or selected purchases for your customers. It is a family of packages which meet the needs of the most demanding clients, always with the seal of organic certification and the premium Elagris quality.

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Products marketing and promotion

We provide all products marketing and promotion methods, so you don't have to.

Exports & Logistics department

We provide pre-scheduled exports, logistics and shipments for your convenience.

Business directors & associates

Business associates are available for most exporting countries for local support.

Audits and certification department

Organic certifications are available for all our products through their primary producers.

Supplying management directors

Trustworthy suppliers, farmers and producers are constantly monitored by our certified directors.

Food Technology and Chemical analysis associates

Constant products analysis throughout all the stages, so you can be sure of the final products quality.


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About Organic foods

Organic products are the result of the cultivation of land without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and toxic pesticides. The fight against plant diseases and soil fertilization is given through natural methods and organic supplies.

Health Advantages

Organic farming relies on the knowledge of traditional farming and is constantly in alliance with science for natural, healthy solutions. No hormones or antibiotics are used at any stage.

Certifications & Accreditations

The validity / credibility of organic products, is based on a strict inspection and certification system described in Law 2092/91 and 1804/99 of the European Union and every organic farmer is obliged to apply it. Under this system the production is thoroughly controlled at all stages, starting from farming up to the disposal.

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